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Hitomi Tanaka


Hitomi Tanaka used to be a gravure Idol who like most of her counterpart Idols has changed her career path to becoming an AV star. She started out as a gravure Idol posing for sexy photos and showing of her assets. With assets, I mean big assets. She is endowed with a big breast and alluring beauty making her a famous gravure Idol in demand for photo shots and gravure movie flicks.

Hitomi Tanaka is an Idol you surely couldn’t discount. Her busty features, angelic face, flawless skin makes her the girl in every man’s dream. She is an envy of every woman for her overly perfect figure. She has big fuckin’ lopsided titties. Hitomi Tanaka fulfills your longing in her videos and photos. Seductively taken photos accentuating her boobs which makes her distinctively Hitomi, a one of a kind gravure model. Her move from gravure world to Adult Videos is predictable and is a very welcome move. Every man in Japan had been clamoring for her to step out of her covered bikini and show what she has to offer.

A busty lady, beautiful and simply perfect fantasy has come to life with her line of videos. She can allure men to her will and make them go crazy just to be with her in a day.






  1. DrTopCat

    Can’t see a thing

  2. Dominque Pretty

    hi-ya, awesome article.

  3. hank

    Hitomi is a black belt in Karate!!!

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