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Top 10 Korean Ladies

We’ve all been dragging our feet on trying to get over our recent vacation to Asia. Hey it was gret over there. But the guys and I were sitting around this weekend rehash our adventures when Quincy brought up we have never done a Top 10 for Korean ladies. Well we based it on beauty style and sexiness and after hashing it out for a couple of hours here is what we came up with, enjoy:

1.Yoon Eun Hye

2. Hyori Lee

3. BoA

4. Ha Ji Won

5. Kim Yoo-jin

6. Song Hye-kyo

7. Lee Da Hae

8. Kim Tae Hae

9. Jun Ji-hyun

10. Choi Ji Woo
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  1. riena grace

    i love all girl in korea……………..

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