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One night stand is ridiculous: Neetu Chandra.


Neetu Chandra

Q. What kind of man do you dig for?
A. A personality driven man is what I like. He should be a man of substance. He should be intelligent and educated.

Q. Should he be from Bollywood?
A. If I have to fall in love, he can be from anywhere.


Q. You crave for internal or external beauty?
A. My man should have a good and pure heart.

Q. Your ideal romantic getaway would be?
A. Having a candlelight dinner on a cruise in the deep sea, with beautiful music playing. There should be no one else present on the cruise.


Q. Which man inspires you the most?
A. There’s an imaginary person who inspires me a lot. He comes to me in my dreams and tells me to do a lot of good things in life.

Q. Do you believe in one-night stands?
A. One-night stands I guess, ridicules your entire personality.


Q. Your take on the institution of marriage from the point of view of a single woman?
A. I think marriage is a very beautiful thing that can happen to anyone’s life. I completely believe in it. I like the rituals like mehndi and other things associated with marriage which I have been seeing from my childhood.

Q. What would you do if your man turns out to be a gay?
A. I will set him free. Love cannot be forced upon. I would be happy and let him be happy.


Q. Is sense of humor very important?
A. Very much. I talk a lot. Listening to me he should at least laugh. I pray to God, he should be able to also crack jokes like me. It’s important to keep laughing and smiling.


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