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Miley Cyrus doesn’t even like American Idol but she still nice enough to do ‘Idol Give Back’


Miley Cyrus has faced millions of fans, as both herself and alter ego Hannah Montana, but how would the Disney starlet handle the “American Idol” performance pressure and Simon Cowell’s sharp tongue?

Access Hollywood caught up with Miley at Fox’s star-studded charity event, “Idol Gives Back,” where the young star opened up about what her chances would be winning the show and how the night of charity is near and dear to her life’s passion of songwriting.

“Me and my dad [Billy Ray Cyrus] started working with children. Being able to help them read and learn to write is amazing because that is something that’s important to me, to write songs,” Miley told Access.

As part of “Idol Gives Back,” Miley recently spent time in Kentucky helping kids in need.

“It was great because that is where my dad is from and that’s where I’ve been raised most my life, so I’ve been around that a lot. But to be able to say, ‘Hey! I’m back! And I can help this time.’ I think is really cool,” she said.

And would Miley audition for the singing competition if she weren’t already famous?

“I probably would have, I swear,” she told Access. “I think that would have been so cool!”

Though she expects Simon would be harsh, Miley is hopeful she’d fair well with the “Idol” fans.

“Hopefully I would win. [Simon is] pretty cruel. Hopefully I’d take it home,” Miley added.

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