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Meet Kaila Yu

Kaila was born in Taiwan. When she was three years old, her family moved to the Inland Empire, a region in Southern California where she attended Pioneer Jr. High School and Upland High School. Pressure from her parents led her to take piano classes, ballet lessons, tap dancing classes, Chinese folk dancing classes, cello lessons, speed contests, SAT classes and attend Chinese school. Yu claims she was incredibly self-conscious and a “nerd” throughout her middle and high school years. After graduating from high school, she made the decision to attend UCSD as a biology major. She moved out to Los Angeles and transferred to UCLA, where she received an economics degree.

In 2000, Kaila began her personal website that required a paid membership subscription to see her pose nude in various photography spreads (usually updated once a week). Her site became a model for many other Asian models that would soon follow in her footsteps. Kaila has an underground following as she was once an amateur pornographic actress. As Kaila’s music career took off, she added a second website that was devoted entirely to her music. Over time, her photographic site has taken a backseat (in terms of content) to her music career.

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