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Meet: Denise Lorraine Keller

Denise Lorraine Keller Biography
Name: Denise Keller
Nicknames: D., DK, ‘Lil Shark, Nise
Born: March 24, 1982
Home: Singapore
Blood Type: Her exotic Eurasian look is due to her German (father) and Chinese (mother) parentage.
Body: T172 B W H S
Career: Denise Lorraine Keller is a Singaporean model and a host for MTV Asia.
Hobby: Play with her cats, eat celery, dance to Beethoven and read books about Epicurious
Specialty: Can Speak English, German, and some French
Website: Denise Keller 2008

Denise Keller
Denise Lorraine Keller is a Singaporean model and a host for MTV Asia. She was born in Singapore on March 24, 1982. She is of Eurasian ancestry, her father is German and her mother Chinese[citation needed]. She was educated at the German International School in Singapore and has one older sister, Nadine Keller.

At age 13, she was discovered in a shopping mall by a modeling scout and soon signed with a modeling agency. Keller became Singapore’s representative in Ford’s Supermodel of the World finals in 2000, for which she won the title. Throughout her modeling career, she has been the face of countless TV & print commercial campaigns. Among the various TV shows she has hosted was the Ford Supermodel Singapore Finals in 2001.

By 2002, she has modeled everywhere from New York to Hong Kong to Tokyo. And in that year, she got her biggest break yet when she was selected to be the female VJ for MTV Asia. She has hosted the past two MTV Asia awards and has interviewed rock, pop, and hip-hop superstars from all around the world.

Denise Keller
In 2005 Denise Keller took part in Singapore’s second English language reality dating program “Eye for a Guy 2”. In this program several eligible bachelors pursued the affections of Ms. Keller in this “Bachelorette” style program. While well received by critics and its viewers, Eye for a Guy 2 was plagued by low viewership throughout most of its run. This only changed during the final two episodes when Ms. Keller made her choice among the final two suitors, Howard Shan Lo and Wolfgang Gorny. Even then, the final episodes were dogged by controversy regarding ‘leaked’ photographs of Denise Keller and Wolfgang Gorny together in Bali. Detractors of the series accused these ‘leaked’ photos to be nothing more than a ploy to increase viewership of the series. Eye for a Guy 2 ended with Denise Keller choosing Wolfgang Gorny as the man who won her affections.

Howard Lo was rumoured to be tapped for the lead in an “Eye for a Girl” series but later denied these claims. To date there has been no “Eye for a Girl” series shown.

In September 2006 Denise Keller and Dick Lee hosted a luxury lifestyle program shown in Singapore entitled, “The Finer Side”. This program featured the two hosts as they toured the glitzy and opulent side of Singapore and also featured candid chats with the city’s rich, famous and powerful citizens regarding the extravagant lifestyles they lead.

Denise Keller
This program, which was similar to the American “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” program of the 1980s and early 1990s, was plagued by low viewership throughout its run and attracted a significant amount of criticism for what many viewers perceived as being the glamourization of materialism.

Also in September 2006 Denise Keller took a two month sabatical break in order to study theatre arts at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City. Prior to this she travelled to New York to cover the MTV Video Music Awards for MTV Asia.

Denise Keller is currently working as a VJ for MTV Asia.

In 2007 Denise Keller served as Mastercard’s Fashion Ambassador for the Singapore Fashion Festival. The interview some of the world’s top models and fashion designers in this capacity. She reprised this role in the 2008 Singapore Fashion Festival. Denise was the star of Mastercard’s ‘Priceless’ campaign in Asia Pacific. Also in 2007, Denise was a spokesperson for Hong Kong’s Luxury week. This event took place in the Fall of 2007.

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