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Meet–Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez, 24, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she drove ahead her passion for modeling and showbiz. These past years she has had positive results with her career. In 2005 she worked as a spokeswoman for Yamamay and later worked for an important lingerie brand as a model for their catalogue. She also posed for a monthly magazine called Fox Uomo near the end of that year. In 2006 she also took part in a celebrity calendar for the agency FER, where she was photographed by Luca Cattoretti who took the photos of Belen skillfully rendering carefully her natural curves with a somewhat marine atmosphere. The calendar was a big hit for her, in fact right after, she was offered a role as a co-host in the television comic, “Tintoria” (Dry Cleaners) with Taiyo Yamanouchi in RaiTre.

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