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Marian Rivera is FHM’s sexiest Pinay!

Marian Rivera is FHM's sexiest Pinay!

The tally of FHM’s 100 Sexiest this year have the fans of Marian Rivera and Angel Locsin closely anticipating the final result. In the end, Marian (center) won the battle while Angel (left) ranked third, behind Katrina Halili (right).

Marian Rivera’s fans have a reason to celebrate. The Dyesebel star is the first non-cover girl to be hailed as the Philippines’ Finest by FHM, the biggest-selling men’s magazine in the country.

The final results, sent to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) by the FHM group at exactly 6:36 p.m., indicated that Marian won with a total of 316, 135 votes, while Katrina Halili, two-time winner of FHM 100 Sexiest, landed the second spot with 123, 239 votes. Angel Locsin, who won as sexiest Pinay in 2005, came in third with 121, 388 votes.

FHM Philippines editor-in-chief Alan Madrilejos revealed to PEP that Marian Rivera enjoyed a considerably large lead in terms of online and text votes, while Katrina Halili topped the ballot-voting category. Meanwhile, this year’s global winner is Megan Fox.

The July issue of FHM will reveal the complete and official list of FHM 100 Sexiest, so buy your copy now.

MARIAN VERSUS ANGEL. One interesting twist to this year’s poll is the rivalry between Marian and Angel.

Fans of the two beautiful ladies united to give 100 percent support to their respective idols. Angel’s fans abroad claimed that they spent money on text just so they can send their votes. Marian’s fans, on the other hand, spent so many hours in front of the Internet to make sure that their Kapuso bet would reign supreme in the online-voting category.

Fans of the two women have been rooting and ranting in PEP’s FHM-related articles in the closing weeks of the tally, while waiting for the FHM Sexiest vote results. Their aggressiveness showed through the comments and the consistent arguments between the two escalated, even to the point of questioning FHM‘s voting system.

Even PEP’s own conducted poll, “Sino sa tingin mo ang tatanghaling sexiest Pinay ng ‘FHM‘?” drew fire from the fans as they carefully monitored and analyzed the results nearly every day. For them, percentage matters and .01 percent lead is a great deal especially if it means victory for their idol.

Now that the results are finally revealed, will this clash between the Marian and Angel fans also come to an end?

This is only one issue, of course, and many more will arise for the fans to rally again in support their most loved idols.

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