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Kalia Williams



-Where were you born? I was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu

-Where do you reside now? I moved to Los Angeles about five years ago and live in a town called Belmont Shores.

-How did you get started in modeling? I moved to San Franscisco from Hawaii where I was spotted by the owner of a lingerie company based in Toronto. I was signed with them within a month. I took them up on an offer to move to Canada where they would take care of all my living expenses along with my pay, I had a blast!


-What are your goals in life and modeling? Right now I am on a roller coaster of opportunities and I am taking full advantage of all of them… I like to have plan A, B, & C, so that if one doesn’t work, I don’t fall flat on my @$$!!!

-Are you in a relationship? I was in a relationship for four years that ended about a year ago. I am enjoying the single life now and am able to focus a lot more on me and my pursuit in life…

-How can a man get your attention? I prefer for a quality man to stand back and let me notice him first…

-What part of a man’s body gets your attention first? His eyes! especially if hes smiling, they just lite up… I believe a mans eyes are the windows to his soul.

-Describe your ideal date. I love to slow dance with someone i’m really into! So I would say going to a nice spot with live entertainment, sippin on some warm cogniac, then dancing to some jazz or R&B…

-What’s something a man could give you that would win your heart? A poem, I love spoken words/poetry, It has so much depth to it. He would have to write and recite it for me himself of coarse!

-Whats your favorite color? purple

-What is your favorite drink? Remy VSOP

-Whats your favorite food? sushi

-What type of music do you listen to? I love r&b, soul type of music. Toni Braxton, Jill Scott, Floetry, Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill, and Sade.

-What are your top 3 favorite movies? Waiting to exhale, Whats love got to do with it, Dreamgirls, and I have to add my 4th, Idlewild!

-Favorite actress/actor? Angela Basset

-How do you dress on a day to day basis? I love comfy flowing dresses or sweat pants and a tank top. I do a whole 360 when I go out though!

-What do you like to do as a hobby? I dance hula and Tahitian, and play tennis a few nights a week.

-What are your favorite places to go? Sunday nights I like to go to Chocolate Sundays comedy, Tuesday nights I go to spoken words poetry, and theres a ton of jazz and blues spots throughout the week that are nice.

-If your friends were to describe you, what would they say? She’s a… hopeless romantic, sometimes too forgiving, shy if she doesn’t know you, silly as hell if she does, a little reserved, and very loyal.


-Have you ever been so in love that it held you back? I don’t believe in blaming anyone else for your own destiny.

-What is your weakness when it comes to men? I start blushing when I see a gorgeous man in a suit! I don’t know what it is…

-If you could take a trip anywhere you wanted to go, where would it be? JAMAICA!

-Do you have any pets? Yes, a 10′ snake named Zion and a 5′ iguana named Ike.

-What do you do in your leisure time? I barbecue at the pool often, shopping is always good therapy, and simply spending quality time with my close friends.

-Who is the closest person to you? My twin sister, Melia.

-What is your favorite memory about growing up in Hawaii? My sister and I used to go fishing under this bridge down the beach. We would even dig up worms for bait! lol

-Could your mom tell you and your twin apart? When we were young she would paint our nails and dress us in opposite colors. I wore the blues and greens, she wore the pinks and reds.

-Did you two ever play tricks on people? Every now and then… I remember when we were about 7 years old, my mom wouldn’t let me leave the table until I finished my peas (which I hated) I excused myself for the bathroom but snuck into Melia’s room instead. I convinced her to trade clothes, go back to the dinner table, and eat my peas! We were sneaky, but we’ve always had each others back like that!

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