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Han Ye-seul is boob-ilicious for Venus


Let’s talk about Han Ye-seul‘s boobs.

The Tazza actress shows off what is dubbed as the “cleavage look” (I’m not making this up) in her latest advert for underclothing brand Venus.

The lovely 26-year-old dons a low cut wine-coloured dress and nicely fills it out with the help of her Venus push-up bra.


Mmm hmm, can’t wait for the new advert. I hope it will be as…er, entertaining as the previous one. That’s because the advertisement for the Venus Shine V range is hilarious.

Shine V & Ye-seul are bosom buddies 😉

Apparently, putting on the Shine V bra will make men want to shoot jets of silvery light at your chest!

Again, I’m not making this up. Watch the video below.

Source: Hankooki & K-Popped

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