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BYTCS’ Babe Of The Week — Angel “Lola Luv” Melaku 3-7-08


You know BYTCS represents all culture but someone pointed out that the Babes of the Week lack sisters. Now we are one of the only sites to report on Nollywood (Nigeria Hollywood). Also we are the only site to showcase the beauty of black women internationally when we feature girls like Liya Kebede and Genevieve Nnaji. Hey remember our Top 10 Black Women On Earth list. But just to show off how deep our knowledge goes we got one more for you. This girl is an upcomer in the Hip Hop Model. And she is smoking hot. Gentlemen let me introduce you to Angel “Lola Luv” Melaku


This another one of those chicks that breeds sex. I mean it is oozing out of every pore of her body. She is a walking sextape ready to be made. Ok I don’t mean to be crude, well I actually do, but that is because this is one the most gorgeous newcomers on the scene. And she has the stats to back up the beauty,with measurements of 34D”-22”-40” how can you resist. Well have fun boys, enjoy the thumbs




Angel Melaku aka Angel Lola Luv or Lola Luv (born Angel Fershgenet) is a hip hop video model who has been featured in almost every urban magazine. Angel Lola Luv was discovered in Washington DC, where she currently resides, by Mike Styles who is the CEO/ photographer / agent of Style Entertainment. Angel Lola Luv was born in Ethiopia but came to the US when she was only 1 month old, so she considers herself to be from DC. She is of Trinidadian and Ethiopian descent


Soon after Angel met Mr. Styles her career jumped into full swing in less than a 9 month period. This stunning exotic beauty was destined for fame as she posses a curvaceous body, a bright white dazzling smile and the face of an angel. The type of beauty that Angel Melaku has makes people comment that she looks like a ‘Barbie Doll’ and almost doesn’t look real.

Even though Angel Lola Luv is one of the hottest urban models on the scene she remains humble. She is also aggressive toward her career, intelligent and doesn’t take her success for granted.The reasons that Angel Lola Luvs’ career has done so well is because she keeps a professional demeanor, she keeps herself motivated, stays up with the newest fashions, stays in good shape and relies heavily on the advice of her management.

Her tremendous fame comes along with perks such as having celebrities such as 50 Cent escort her to her interview for SMOOTH Magazine. The fact that Angel Lola Luv is somewhat of an Icon means that she was able to shoot her calendar in a top scale $20,000,000 million dollar estate in Florida and work with basketball star Gilbert Arenas on the calendar as well. In 2007 Angel Lola Luv also released the ‘Unbelievable’ DVD to correspond with the ‘Unbelievable’ tour and she has her personal website in the works as well.
Date of birth October 25, 1986 (1986-10-25) (age 21)
Place of birth Ethiopia
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Hair color Black
Measurements 34D”-22”-40”
Alias(es) Angel Melaku, Lola Luv


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