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Amrita Rao unleashed


Asked how she felt acting in a comedy by the famous director, said “I am super duper excited. Being a part of a movie was actually a high point for me when I first read the script. He is somebody who is liked and revered by everyone in my community.”

She recounted how she was impressed with his film and when she got an offer from him, she had no qualms in accepting.

Asked how she landed the role, she said,” He said that he had seen me in Vivah and felt that I most appropriately suited the role in terms of look and age and all that he was looking for. So yes…I got lucky .

Is Sajjanpur a different sort of comedy? “The film is a fascinating story of the people living in this village called Sajjanpur. Mahadev (Shreyas Talpade) is the protagonist of the film and he’s the common factor amongst all the characters in the film. He is the only literate guy in the village and everybody comes to him to write their letters

The village Sajjanpur is full of mad-hatters and we want people to come and forget their own world come into this small village and have fun with us

Not just that, in fact when you come out of the theatres, you will realize that in retrospect, some of the things, which you laughed about during the film, are some of the grave issues that our country is facing.

Even today in the so-called modern India there are villages like Sajjanpur which face the issues that the film portrays.” explains Amrita Rao.

Apart from this movie is set to star in Victory opposite Harman Baweja.

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